Today has been a highly anticipated one for me. First off, since sunday evening i have been counting every second, calculating how long it would take for friday to come by again. Everyone does so – workers, students, party-goers….even miscreants! Yes, both the good and the bad(how i pray the good Lord touch their hearts) of the society look forward to another weekend.

Yours faithfully has been looking forward to this day for two reasons. First, i get to start preparing for a weekend from the office (*****stretches and screams “yayyyyyy!!!” ******). Second, i get to have the world’s most anticipated date ever!(Please don’t ask for details). As i write, am already living my expectations. Okay, expectation two has been experienced and it was fantastic. Expectation one is still underway. Currently, am hanging out with friends at the Ikeja shopping mall….. My friends are taunting me to drop my gadget and partake in the already served chicken and chips with chilled pepsi (how many times will i take that today? Oh, i didn’t tell you – that’s what i had on my date).

Alright fellas, gat to go…. ‘Savour’ the aroma some pix below have to offer….. Ciao!

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