I was at the E-centre,Yaba on saturday to see the noise-making movie, *********. Can you guess the movie in question? Avengers? Nah, I already saw that in my dream the night after it became public knowledge that there was a new movie like that. Thanks to my high level of imagination. Once I learnt the movie was about a number of Marvel’s super heroes coming together, I instantly imagined their mission would be to save the world. And how right I was! The noise-making movie I went to see was MIB 3, and good Lord was I disappointed?! Never seen a movie so so monotonous in storyline as MIB3. Of course,there were great moments,but if I had known it was 90% comedy and 10% action(???) I would have chosen to watch a Charlie Chapman’s (hope I got his surname right. Charlie is so so 70s. Forgotten.) movie at home instead.
After the movie, I strolled into a bookshop at the E-centre and guess the first book that caught my attention? Okechukwu Ofili’s “How Laziness saved my Life.” I ‘know’ Mr Ofili and have read about the book, but seeing the book right before me was like beholding a new born. The joy, the smiles and then the urge to touch and feel same. Finally, I had the much talked about “lazy” book in my hands. Without hesitating, I paid for it and left. I didn’t just buy the book because of the rave reviews I had read about it,neither did I just buy it because of it’s quality print. I bought it for two other reasons: because I wanted to live longer and also because I wanted to earn extra cash.
To mark the publication of his second book. Mr Ofili is organising what I tag the “Lazy Contest.” To partake in the contest, all you have to do is buy the book “How laziness saved my life.” Send in a “lazy” picture of your self reading the book at work and the receipt of purchase to You automatically qualify to win a Bold 9930 or its equivalent ($300). For more on this contest,visit

The pictures you see above are entries to the contest and they have come from all around the world. Yours faithfully is still thinking of the “laziest” pose ever to take! Ehe, to how I hope to live longer by partaking in this contest, what do doctors say about living a cheerful,happy,smile-filled and funfilled life? It enlongates your lifespan. Looking at the pictures above, tell me you didn’t laugh your brains off? Yeah, you may have just added a few inches to your lifespan unknowingly! And peradventure I win the contest, I will be $300 richer! Whew!
I rest my case!


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