3G─→3G┈↠ 3g┉▹ EDGE─┈▸ edge—↠GPRS—↠gprs—↠ GSM ─┉▹gsm─┉▹ SOS.. MTN!!!!!!

My MTN works perfectly…..only when I want to check my account balance. Frustration is an understatement. I was at MTN customer service outlet at the E-centre,Yaba and laid a complaint. The only thing they could do was apologise for the poor service and asked me to go as they were already aware of the challenges customers were facing and were working on it. ONE of my complaints was that I couldn’t get a 3G connection. Guess what? The attendant showed me his bb and said same thing too. He too was on EDGE. He sha spoke english,asked me to fill a form and apologised on behalf of MTN. The next day,I got a call from MTN. After making me speak english all over again for about 30 minutes, the voice over the phone assured me MY PROBLEMS would be resolved. The next day, I got a text from MTN informing me the problems had been fixed. I was happy, did a hard reset of my bb, changed my network settings to 3G but bah-bah-boooooooo NOTHING! Infact, immediately I changed to 3G, my network connection turned to SOS – a very red one! I had to switch back to 2G. I tried updating my wordpress blog ( ) but was shocked as through out the day, I did nothing else but look at the consistent recurring messages ‘saying’ network failure. I was depressed,deflated and hated life generally. Till now, I can’t publish a blog post with pics as my effort would return unsuccessful. During my visit to the customer service centre, I threatened to change networks but was boldly told by the attendant that all networks are/were the same. Can anyone confirm this? One other thing he said was that not every MTN line was experiencing these same problems as some SIMS were receiving better services. Can an MTN user with better service also confirm this? As for me, I am contemplating bringing a representative action against them. Who wan follow chop MTN money?

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