WIN $300 AT THE NAIJA STORIES CONTEST!!! is pleased to announce another online writing contest titled “Poems of Everyday Nigeria” in collaboration with Tola Odejayi. From time to time, the lives of we Nigerians are punctuated with dramatic and significant events. We fall in love, out of love, marry, divorce, celebrate a childbirth and grieve over a death. We may even be called upon to do greater things, like save a life, lead a revolution or govern a country.

But more often, our lives are filled with the smaller, everyday things we do. Waking up. Taking our baths. Commuting to work. Visiting friends. Worshipping at church. Insulting someone over the internet. Running for shelter as it starts to pour with rain. Because these events are so everyday, we experience them in one moment and dismiss them the next as matters of no consequence.

Up till now.

Naija Stories is inviting you to celebrate, in your most creatively, imaginatively expressed poems, these everyday events that occur throughout our waking lives. There is a total prize of $300 on offer – $150 as the first prize, $100 as the runner-up prize and $50 for the third prize. So look around you, fire up your imagination, pick up your writing device of choice and get busy!


The rules are simple – they are as follows:

–         The poems must original, and not previously published in any online or print channel

–          They must be no less than a hundred words, and no more than five hundred.

–          Only one poem per person should be submitted to this contest.

–         They must be about an event that occurs very frequently in the lives of a typical Nigerian.

–         They must be written in good, clear grammatical English.

–         Special consideration will be given to poems that use language imaginatively to express ideas.

–         The deadline for submission is Sunday, 2nd of September 2012.

–         To submit, register on and allow 24hrs to be approved.

–         Go to and enter your poem directly.

–         Put the entry in the category of “Everyday Poems” and press the button, “Submit for Review”.


Dates for Contest:

The contest opens August 6 and submissions end on September 2, 2012.

Longlist of Poems that meet the criteria will be released September 6, 2012

Final Judging (by Tola Odejayi) – September 8th to 16th, 2012

The winner will be announced by September 17th 2012.


Prizes :

There will be three (3) overall winners in this contest.

First Prize – 150,000 points ($150)

Second Prize – 100,000 points ($100)

Third Prize – 50,000 points ($50)

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