“No one/Nothing has the right to make you unhappy without your consent.” – HaroldWrites

It was about 1:15pm yesterday when I got a call that ‘it’ was going down on friday the 17th of August 2012. Prior to the call, I was happily sipping at a pack of ‘Chi Happy Hour’ as I sat glued to my PC,watching Despicable Me(Why the surprise on your face? It is a cartoon,yeah ? Any Ps? I love cartoons more than puff puff FYI). As I was saying, a call came through and it had a message – I must travel out of Lagos in the next 24 hours,else I would miss ‘it’. The first thing I did was confirm the balance in my bank account. I had a meagre N20,000. Next,I logged online to book my flight to Uyo but I got the mother of all shocks. The fare to Uyo was N24,000!!!!! My brains started going gaga like Chuddy K. I had to raise an extra N4,000. Apart from that, I would also need money to board a cab to the airport as well as pay for ‘extra luggage.’ I made a few calls and in a few hours time, I had an extra N20,000 (making it N40,000 in all) in my account.
Feeling so fly,I strolled to one GT Bank’s ATM to withdraw N35,000. Guess what? I was told I had insufficient funds! I almost went berserk! I immediately contacted my bank to report the problem. By the time everything was fixed, I was too tired to book my flight. I had to wait till this morning.
As at 8:00am today, I was at the local wing of the Murtala Mohammed Airport. The queue at the ticketing counter was a bit discouraging. I had already given up when the bloke who helped with my luggage offered to help me book for my flight via a “backyard runs.” Out of desperation, I agreed (if only I had known…..). He demanded for my ID card. I obliged.
45 minutes later, no ticket, no ID card and the bloke wasn’t in sight. And guess what? The queue had long disappeared. I stood alone, angry at myself and the world. When the bloke finally arrived, he came with a frown.
“Sorry Oga,” he said handing back my ID Card. ” Nobody wan help me for inside.”
I looked at the dude,then at my ID Card but I couldn’t get angry. You know that feeling when you are so depressed that anger isn’t an option anymore? I just collected my ID card and joined a new queue which came into existence barely five minutes earlier. I bided my time and when it was my turn, guess what the attendant told me with a smile on her face?

“Am afraid Sir,but Uyo is fully booked.”
How worse could it get?! Thank God she had the right emotion that tallied with the situation – she was afraid on my behalf! I felt life was screwing me up. I asked for an alternate flight – to Calabar. She responded with the same answer. It was there and then I decided this was bull crap! I was going home and would travel the next day! I was feeling so low but decided I would surprise life. I refused to be screwed! A mental picture of a documentary I had watched (The Secret) came to mind. I decided I was going to have a nice time, despite what fate had to offer. And so I stormed out of the airport, got a cab and headed for an eatery close-by. I ensured the cab driver joined me and we both hung out like old friends. After the treat, I returned home, turned on my PC and watched “Battleship” (Go Riri!!! Go Riri!!!!!). After the movie, I picked up the book “Fellow Countrymen” by Richard Akinnola and read. It is a book on Coup d’etats in Nigeria. And after that, I made for my bed and slept off! It was the best sleep ever!
I woke up feeling so fresh and relaxed,then picked up my blackberry to make this post. I had just “defeated” Mr. Fate whose idea was to frustrate me and keep me low. Have you ever had a depressing moment like mine? How did you overcome it? Kindly drop a comment;I will like to know.

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