So touching…..


I knew you before the beginning of time
When embers from the fire of creation still burned
When giant lizards and great cats roamed this earth
I knew you

When stories of miracles
Giants and angels
Traveled beyond seas and mountains
To faraway lands…in moors, deserts and hills;
My breath was upon you

Yet to be forged, spirit floating
Lips yet to form the desire of requests
I knew where you would rest
Deciding you would never be alone

I am your beginning, your center and end
I know your core, desires and apprehensions
I am the puppet master and you are my puppet
Your fears, hope and guilt;
I know: for I am always there

Foolishly you claim ownership of thoughts
Do you think circumstances define you?
I smile; remain calm and still
I am the beginning of your very thoughts
Because I am, you are

My breath is…

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