I read this post and was left in awe.


It’s another beautiful day and as it happens today is a Wednesday…Let the countdown to the weekend beginwoot woot The only reason I love Wednesdays are the fact that I get to see movies for half the price at galleria..yeah I know, awoof dey run belle. =)) =D

Today’s post is written by the amazingly gothic and talented Nicole…like we usually do, express your love for us by posting your views in the comment section and by liking our page..to also make it easier, you could subscribe via email on the right side of this page.. Thank You.




I became blind on a sunny Wednesday morning.

It had started like every other Wednesday morning: I woke up at five-thirty to get ready for school and probably the only reason why I didn’t notice my damaged eyesight was due to the dead darkness of my room. I…

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