When the colonial masters obliged to give Nigeria her independence in 1960, there was optimism in the air amongst Nigerians. Fifty two years down that line, that optimism has given way to something dark. Throughout yesterday, I got constant reminders by BBM users of how bad, terrible, cursed, hopeless and doomed my beloved country was. The sensible and I dare say too, senseless ones joined in this new found hobby. While I saw courage in some PMs and broadcasts,  I  saw cowardice  in others.  This curious situation led me to check what was trending on Twitter concerning Nigeria’s forthcoming independence anniversary, as it was customary that when something big was there to talk about, it always trended on Twitter. Well, was I surprised about the result of my search? Yes!!! Nothing was said about Nigeria’s Independence anniversary. Nigerians weren’t talking about Nigeria’s big day!

I returned to my blackberry messenger and the “dark” pms and broadcast messages kept jumping at me. So I decided to let my followers know what Nigerians really thought or felt about their country on her fifty-second independence anniversary.

“Am afraid of too many jagbajantis rebroadcast 2moro” – Niyi Tabiti

Ace media personality, Niyi Tabiti could foresee the amount of – well – jagbajantis,  as he puts it, messages on Nigeria’s big day. He may not be too far from the truth. Every Tom, Dick and Harry will try to say something about Nigeria on an event like this. Poor Nigeria; she will be cursed and uncursed.


“Someone, somewhere is composing Happy New Month/Independence BC. Please hold yourself because I don’t want & before you send it, ask yourself this “Am I really this jobless?”” – Nnamdi Okocha, publisher Broadsword Magazine.

This pm speaks for itself.


“I knw naija is 52 so what?/ A fool at 40 is a fool forever. “Happy Slavery”!” ­ –  Damsy

Miss Damsy doesn’t seem too happy about Nigeria’s big day and it is obvious. But at fifty-two, is Nigeria really still a fool?


ItsFlip of Flip Graphix  had this to say – “God punish yu, yes yu for dis Bc and i mean it .. Ur fada nash .. ! Yu can put ur bc in ur pm ..no worri me i go see am abii ur bc wan get to jonathan nii”

Now, when I read his pm, I just couldn’t help but try to imagine the pr*ck that really pissed ItsFlip. From the content of the above pm, it’s obvious he got a broadcast about the nation’s independence anniversary. And I dare say, ItsFlip isn’t too happy Nigeria is celebrating anything.



“Hi all…this is 2 inform dose dat are already plannin on sendin bc msgs on 1st October dat i knw dat 1st oct is on MONDAY and its independence day and nigeria will be 52 years old (cos i v a calender)  and will nt nid ani1 2 remind me/pls  wen sendin ur BC kindly untıck me 4rm ur bc list. tnks 4 ur undastndn.” – Guyskiller’s broadcast.

I got a lot of similar broadcast from other contacts, begging not to be sent a BC on Independence Day. How I wish those broadcasts were sent to the right people, and not yours faithfully.


“Pls no stupid BC abt how bad,corrupt or even how good naija is,honestly speaking ill delete U.ok test me n see tht eazy is good.”  – Easy’s pm.


“Octoberwish: answered prayas.” – Barbie

Barbie goes spiritual here with her pm. I want to believe Nigeria is included in that prayer.


And I wrap up this Independence PM and BCs scavenging on BBM with this simple, yet straight forward pm from Barr Qazeem Shehu Esq – “No Bc pls respect ur old age.”


From the above, it is obvious not everyone is too keen about Nigeria’s independence anniversary. Well, my advice to anyone who has said something negative or is harbouring dark thoughts about my beloved country as she mark her fifty-second anniversary of statehood is that it is not enough to hate on your country or its leaders. You can be the change you want to see. Venting your anger via your Pms, Bcs, Facebook statuses, Tweets,  telling people not to send you independence anniversary bcs, cursing your leaders and speaking ill of Nigeria won’t do you or your future any good. While you are busy hating on your country, others are busy holding empowerment workshops, public lectures, rendering services, proffering solutions, networking with great minds…

For example, Blossom Nnodim, a contact on my list will be speaking on October 13th at an event meant to affect lives. Miss Doyinsola of  MEDIC, another contact is campaigning for help for less privileged children. I believe a few others too will be doing something positive this period. If we all should channel our frustrations towards something more meaningful, our country will be the better for it. National success – just like evangelism –   is not the duty of a selected few. It is a collective responsibility. Rome, was not built by one man.


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