Time Check: 11.30pm
Date: 25-10-2012
Location: My room.
Atmosphere: Dark and Cozy

It’s almost midnight and I am lying in my bed, surfing the web. And I decide to try some photoshopping (?) stunts here with this pix. Arrrghhhh. Don’t tell me how great my skills are, I can see for myself. Lol.

Okay. Forget the photoshopping skills and concentrate more on the message. We tend to make life more complicated than it is. Today was a hectic one for me personally. I had a lot going on at the office. I had thought to deal with the stress, I needed to hang out with friends, get some ice cream, maybe go to the movies later on etc. But all these never materialised for one reason or the other. So I returned home, feeling depressed. When I got home, I decided to go through some literary blogs. And how magical was that experience! I found great pleasure doing that, getting into the minds of others through their writings. In no time, the stress was gone as it was replaced with a certain feeling I can’t describe. The posts I read got me thinking, imagining and asking more questions. I got a sense of satisfaction I never would have imagined back then in the office when the workload was taking its toll on me. And I don’t think spending lavishly as I had envisaged would have relieved me the way going through these blogs did.
Truly, the best things in life are inexpensive and are right under our noses.


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