It is a new year and everyone is making resolutions. Ever heard the saying “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it?”  Yeah?

This post, inspired by the above phrase is written by someone really interesting, Ms. Enwongo Cleopas. Read, be inspired and dont forget to drop a comment. You can follow her on twitter @enwongocleopas.


When I was quite young, I used to think and believe that wearing glasses made you look intelligent, beautiful and cool! Esp Intelligent and kind-of-mysteri­ous. I remember desperately wanting to wear glasses and I had to tell my mum(not my dad) that I “think” I had eye problems. I told her because she would quickly want to fix the problem as she understood what eye problem(s) meant. The next day I was seated at Majesty Hospital in front of an eye doctor. I was asked to read stuffs from far…and I read them clearly so perfectly. Stupid me. I did not know I had to act as if the writings were blurred and then squint my eye to look. The man said, “Incredible eyes! Young girl you have the best eyes I’ve ever come across”. I wanted to shoot him. Why can’t he cooperate with me. Well I only got drugs and an eye-drop. No I was heartbroken. I so wanted glasses. One day, I bought a fake one along plaza. I felt super-cool!

But I couldn’t wear it… I was feeling guilty and silly. Then something happened. I started having some itching in my eyes. Then serious pains alongside frontal headache. I was in my year one. I couldn’t read for long without my eyes feeling heavy. I was scared. I told my Dad first and my mum too and I went back to same Majesty Hospital. After a series of tests and procedures, it was seen that I had a real eye problem and I got that glasses(I always wanted). Was I happy or looking intelligent? NO. I was in severe pains. I was always feeling like I was about to turn blind. I prayed and even once at Uma Ukpai’s Wednesday programme, I raised my hands for a miracle. Hahahahahahaha.­ Jesu! It was serious brethren. I was scared. I couldn’t even use the glasses. But something happened too, God healed my eyes. I was so happy. My eyes meant a lot to me. So I won’t be able to go through Facebook again?lol! But I’ve got my incredible eyes back. My wish to wear glasses? I threw that thoughts into the uyo ravine.

Morale of this story: Be careful what you wish for! Feel comfortable and confident in your God-given body parts.(I learnt that the hard way)

Happy New year Dear friends. I’m glad God made it possible for us all to see 2013. I treasure you all! God bless you.


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