“I love colours and the way they interact with humans.” – Ms. Charity Ukot (Creative designer, Cee Deco)


Last week, I promised to blog about winners of my Birthday Giveaway (Blog Feature Category). I am proud to present to you Ms Charity Ukot, the Creative Designer at Cee Deco, an interior decoration outfit based in Lagos. Cee Deco may not be a literary institution, but since interior décor is an art, I deemed it alright to make its Creative Designer, who also happens to be an avid reader of my blog and a participant in my Birthday Giveaway, the winner of the category.

Cee Deco is an interior decoration company which provides services that include installation of curtains and all kinds of blinds, wallpapers, carpets, paintings. They make outstanding decorative throw pillows and supply bedsheets made from high quality and durable fabrics with the temperature of the user in mind.

Ms Ukot, a graduate of Microbiology from the prestigious University of Uyo has been into interior décor for some time now. Over the years, she has taken up certification courses in different facets of interior decoration. She says her hobby is sewing and her most cherished asset at the moment is her sewing machine.

On the future of her company, she foresees Cee Deco achieving bigger feats in the interior and décor industry. In her words, “we look to expand our clientele; having our work in many more homes and commercial places. We also look to launch an Interior and Decoration Academy where we can teach young people our crafts and see them stand as entrepreneurs too.” On affordability of the company’s services, she adds, “Cee Deco is very affordable and flexible.”

Describing herself in a sentence, she says, “I love colours and the way they interact with humans.”

You can visit Cee Deco’s site at www.ceeinteriordeco.wordpress.com

Contact Cee Deco via the following:

Email: ceeinteriordecor@yahoo.com

Cell: 234 8062523920

BB Pin: 278C3AFB


I marked my birthday and my blog first anniversary yesterday with a Birthday Giveaway. The gifts I proposed were these:

cover letter magic pixcontactsjob seekers HOW I MET YOUR MURDER COVER
















They have since been given out. But I noticed some people who took part in the giveaway did not fulfill the complete requirements. For instance while some “liked” my Facebook page and followed me on Twitter , they forgot to drop their email addresses either as comment or forward same to my email as required, thence, there was no way I could send them the above gifts.

If you are one of those, you can still drop your email address in the comment box below or forward same to my email address.

Like I promised, one winner will be featured on my blog while two others will be given movie tickets. These winners have been contacted and by next week, I shall blog about it.

Thank you to everyone who sent me goodwill messages on my personal Facebook profile, twitter, email, BBM and those who called. You really made me feel special. Let’s do this again next year!


burdened writerA BBM contact sent me a link to Tunde Leye’s recent fictional story, Bursting your Bubble. After going through the story, I was left shell-shocked at its daring nature. Other readers who commented also had such feeling. Some even begged Tunde to take down the post. In summary, Tunde left us scared.

It has been eons since a story made me feel vulnerable and open to danger! The story was about Lagos experiencing the menace of the Islamic sect Boko Haram. The details were too gory to be true and too real to be ignored. Tunde called it fiction, but it felt too close to home. Tunde’s audacity and courage prompted some moral questions for writers which I think have been begging for answers. The most pertinent of these questions is “how far should you go as a writer in passing across your message?” In attempting to answer the above question, I shall raise some moral or pseudo-moral issues which are not related to Tunde Leye’s story, but are relevant and should be prevalent in the minds of writers as they pen down their muses. Continue reading

Win an iPad + Other Freebies (LOOK!!)


On May 9, my blog turned a year old. And I will be celebrating my own birthday on Thursday May 23, 2013. In the spirit of love, I will be giving away some freebies.

Studies show that MOST owners of iPad are of the working class. So in my wisdom, I thought of empowering the youths instead, particularly job-hunters. So from Thursday May 23 – Friday May 24, I will be giving away the following:

1. The Jobseeker’s Guide to Cover Letters, Resume Writing and Interviews (Ebook)

2. Cover Letter Magic (Ebook on how to write Cover Letters with sample templates           that actually land you jobs.)

3.  10,000 Corporate Contacts in Nigeria (Ebook containing addresses and contacts of companies and corporate bodies of various fields in Nigeria)


My dream is to see every employable youth actually employed before the end of the year.  The above books should definitely help in achieving the objective of getting a good job. With a very lucrative job, getting an iPad would be a bonus. If you already have a job, you can win this for a friend or sibling!



If you are interested in the above books, please partake in the following games:

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 You see. Simple! It’s not rocket science. The books will be sent to your email as soon as I confirm you have fulfilled the above!



I am so happy and grateful to God to see yet another year. So, I will be giving some more bonuses to two special, lucky winners who shall be picked randomly:

  1. A movie ticket to see any movie of their choice
  2. A feature/interview of the readers on my blog
  3. My Ebook of Short stories (How I Met Your Murder and Other Stories)


So people, what are you waiting for?!!! Join the fun!!! God bless you!


nikeI was eating at a cafeteria yesterday when I overheard a man say “stop complaining and start working at another way of achieving results.” I could have sworn he was talking to me until I turned around and saw he was on the phone. Recently, I’ve been having some internal struggles. I have been overwhelmed by the size of personal projects I want to achieve before the year runs out. These projects give me sleepless nights and restless days. Like yesterday for example, I kept going back and forth at very minute tasks at the office all because I had a troubled mind.

Every time I opened a file at the office to work, I would instead see a certain Project X1 which at the beginning of the year, I had thought I would achieve before May, but haven’t been able to because I have not really had the time. When I opened another file, I would see Project X2 which I was hoping to achieve by June but haven’t because I haven’t got enough money for the project. And when I opened yet another file, I saw… Whew! Everything seemed to be swirling around me. Stuffs were stuck on replay in my mind. I had too much to achieve but haven’t been able to because of these two reasons: time and finance!

And both reasons sounded valid until I heard that phone conversation at the cafeteria. Then it dawned on me that perhaps I have been myopic in thoughts; I haven’t been thinking outside the box!

Somehow, that phone conversation helped me deconstruct some things.

First, I have never always had the time to follow up on one project or another. But the phrase during the phone call “stop complaining and start working at another way of achieving result” somehow reminded me of the saying “you will always have time for things that are important to you.” I guess I hadn’t really thought of things this way until now. If my projects have really been that important to me, I would have made time under the sun for them.

Another complaint I have always harboured was that I did not have sufficient money to start up a project. My main source of income is from my writing 8am-6pm job. But my savings so far would not be able to take care of my projects.  But the phone conversation brought to my attention that I haven’t been using my head properly, else I would have thought up other means of sourcing funds!

I learnt so much from a singular phone call that was not even made to me! Right now, I feel rejuvenated and motivated to do something!

I know somebody reading this may be in same or similar situation. Your reasons for not achieving one goal or another may be different from mine. But one common trait in our complaints is that whatever our supposed challenges, we have not been able to live a particular dream! And these reasons always sound too valid and insurmountable until we really think hard about them, then we’ll discover that they are mere excuses and not obstacles! There is always a way if we keep an open mind and a motivated head. So I will say same thing to you right now: “stop complaining and start working at another way of achieving result!” And whatever you have to do, start working on it already because “yesterday, you said you were going to do it tomorrow. Today is here; so just do it!”



haroldwritesmafia***** This is a continuation of the series. If you missed the first part, you can view it here. *****

The Man In Black tried opening his eyes, but they felt heavy and sore. All he could see was thick darkness. He could hear some distant noises too, but couldn’t tell what the pandemonium was all about.  He tried moving his body, but it felt as heavy as a rock, with pangs of pain shooting through every vein and bone.

What’s going on? Why am I feeling this way?

He made another effort to move his hands and legs, but they did not move an inch. He wriggled and wriggled, but nothing happened. Then he heard a faint voice say, “E be like say him don wake up!” Before The Man In Black could make out the meaning of that, he felt a heavy bang on his head.

“Flog am well well!” another voice screamed.

Another knock landed on his head. The Man In Black could feel blood gushing out of his head. He tried opening his eyes, but his eyelids still wouldn’t make way.

“Oya pour am sharp sharp!” the faint voice which was now getting clearer said. The Man In Black felt a stream of liquid covering his head. The liquid trickled down his cheeks into his mouth. He could taste it. It tasted like Continue reading