Book Reading/Launch: Oladimeji Ojo’s MONITORED

On Saturday August 10, 2013 the most anticipated literary event in Gidi City came alive at Freedom Park, Lagos Island. It was the book reading/launch of Monitored, a debut novel by Oladimeji Ojo a.k.a omo baba olowo DMJ a.k.a Writers’ Stalker      (@istalkwriters) . Feed your eyes with the shots taken by award-winning paparazzo HaroldWrites (except shots in which I appear. Those ones were taking by my protege). If my camera did not capture you, then you owe me fifty bucks.

DMJ autographing his book for a fan.



The King, Oba Tunde Leye and my humble self



E! paparazzo doing his work on DMJ

































8 thoughts on “Book Reading/Launch: Oladimeji Ojo’s MONITORED

  1. Michael says:

    Congratulations Oladimeji on this book. I spoke with your Mum yesterday and she referred me to this site. I just finished two rapid selling books- How God pays – and “In the footsteps of David Oyedepo. Am needing additional publishers network to assist me in the distribution system. How can you help? Thanks.

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