Remember the lady with whom I had THE PROPOSAL conversation with? Yup! The Lady with a Heart of Steel? Yup. The One who rebuffed my die-hard advances? The One I am in love with tried convincing to use her creative pen more often but wouldn’t bulge? Yup. That one. I finally talked her into letting the world have a taste of her creativity and after almost two hours of pep talk, she agreed to oblige me with some pieces. I picked “Castle with Glass doors” first and after going through it, I was left in a pool of my tears. So strong was the message in this that I decided to put it up first thing today. Read it, and feel free to cry your hearts out too, in the comment section.


Trapped in a castle with glass doors

Transparent blindfolds

Candy chains that tie me to you

I can leave but won’t do

I can’t breathe  still choose you

Simply nothing to loose.

Inside this castle we built

Mind jaded by broken cupid

Can never tell if its sunshine,

rainstorms or hurricanes

Oblivious, I still remain

I still remain.
Tear stains, are bold red

Heart beat has faltered

Can’t sleep but I dream

Can’t see but I see you

I’m free but I still remain…

I still remain.

8 thoughts on “CASTLE WITH GLASS DOORS by Miss X

  1. If she wants to keep something this profound and evidently beautiful to herself instead of sharing, I wish her the best.

    Please read the parable of the talents to this beauty, Harold.

  2. disfemisef says:

    The tone was sad. I wish I could interpret this, but I’m terrible with poetry. But this is beautiful. Write more often, and anyone who breaks Harold’s heart is automatically a friend of mine 😀

  3. Beautiful!
    See how she chronicled the impossibilities of love…
    “Can’t sleep but I dream
    Can’t see but I see you
    I’m free but I still remain…”
    My dear Miss X, you were born to do this.

  4. Candy chains that tie me to you…
    That was the killer line for me. Deep inside the sad tone lies the sweetness of love. It is not the chains that hold her becos they are made of candy and can break. It is the candy, sweetness of the heart’s stirrings that keep her
    Short and crisp, I love the poem
    Your lady love was born to write

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