Revelation at #LiveYourDreams Conference: The reason why most people won’t succeed


So I was at the Live Your Dreams Conference at Terra Kulture over the weekend.While everyone was going there for a million reasons, I went there for just one reason: to be inspired and learn from the best. And oh, I was hoping to see Linda Ikeji too. She was shortlisted as a panellist. I wanted to see those smooth straight legs live and direct   see her for the first time and maybe chat her up during recess. And oh, one more thing; I wanted to meet new Treps (a swaggerlicious word for entrepreneurs). At the end of the day, only two of the three wishes were fulfilled. I heard and learnt from the best and I met some really interesting treps. Linda didn’t show up as at the time I left. Her loss. She could have had my autograph by now.

DSC02101The magnitude of the turn up was very impressive. The hall was actually filled to capacity.MC AK47 was sick. Really really funny dude and his co-anchor, Aderonke Adebanjo was ever sweet. The speakers, Idoreyen Enang, OC Ukeje, Ibrahim Suleiman, Steve Harris, Jimmy, Lanre Olusola etc were the perfect blend. They shared a whole lot of stuff you could never learn in school, not even in Harvard. Before you ask if I’ve ever been to Harvard, errmm…..wait…….

As I left the event, I had a new sense of direction. I mean, boys are BALLING things in this life by using their heads and I have been here dulling away my very big head. For example, Steve Harris revealed how he turned from N20,000 ‘poor’ to N450,000.00 rich ‘overnight’ by  using just his smartphone. He sounded really believable and the method he adopted sounded genuine, so I have no reason to doubt him. Aha! You want to know how he did it, right? Get the video tape of the event. Ask Mr Bankole Williams or Continue reading

Are GT Bank Scammers?

Scam:[skam] (slang) noun (plural scams)

trick somebody: to obtain money or other goods from somebody by dishonest means

(Microsoft® Encarta® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.)

So, according to the above source, to scam means to trick somebody.

I have had my fair bit of disappointing experience with GT Bank of late. Did I say fair bit? Pardon my modesty. I rephrase: I have had a terribly disappointing experience with GT Bank recently. And since every reasonable attempt to remedy the situation has fallen on deaf ears, I decided to make the complaint public via my blog. Maybe this would get them to sit up. May be it won’t.

It’s high time coporate institutions started taking their clients/customers seriously. If public servants should treat citizens of the country with disregard, I dont think huge corporations should follow suit.

GT Bank is one of the banks I have an account with.

I operate a savings account with GT Bank, but decided to open a current account with them about a month ago. Till this moment, GT Bank have done nothing in this regard. Yep. You read that right. One month after applying to open an account with them, they’re yet to do same. This is not the real issue. Of course they can afford not to assent to such request. It is their bank afterall.

My disappointment stems from the manner with which the issue was handled, the stress I was put through, the accident I had while visiting their bank on Wednesday for the umpteenth time to correct the anomaly, the inefficiency of their various customer service media (bank staffers, complaint web page, GT Connect line, non-functional customer care email) etc

After a month of not addressing my persistent request to open a current account, I discovered that my debit card was also non-functional. Their staffers gave a less than satisfactory reason why my card stopped working. Here’s  a tweet I tweeted at GT Bank:

gt7And no, they did not respond to the tweet. I figured out I wasn’t the only one complaining of their services on Continue reading

Colour by Miss X


Happy wednesday my people. The first thing I said this morning when I woke up was “Thank God Friday is just a few seconds away!” Lol. And no, I’m not just excited about the weekend, but also because of the september Holy Ghost Service at  Redemption Camp. *wink*

Enjoy this piece by my very own Miss X. If you don’t know who that is by now, sorry I cant help you.


Swimming in the ocean
Trying to count the stars…
It seems I’ve lost my inspiration
Muse come help me find my way…

I want to see in colour,
Vivid hues no grey
Will you be my paint brush?
We’ll paint this town red

I can’t see the rainbow
A hundred times I’ve tried
All my strokes without you
Remain in black and white

Come and fill my senses
Come and open up my mind
No doubt you must be magic
You move me without trying………


Photo credit: Lazy twins