Colour by Miss X


Happy wednesday my people. The first thing I said this morning when I woke up was “Thank God Friday is just a few seconds away!” Lol. And no, I’m not just excited about the weekend, but also because of the september Holy Ghost Service at  Redemption Camp. *wink*

Enjoy this piece by my very own Miss X. If you don’t know who that is by now, sorry I cant help you.


Swimming in the ocean
Trying to count the stars…
It seems I’ve lost my inspiration
Muse come help me find my way…

I want to see in colour,
Vivid hues no grey
Will you be my paint brush?
We’ll paint this town red

I can’t see the rainbow
A hundred times I’ve tried
All my strokes without you
Remain in black and white

Come and fill my senses
Come and open up my mind
No doubt you must be magic
You move me without trying………


Photo credit: Lazy twins

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