New Year, New Look!!!

happyThis is kinda my “Welcome to 2014” post. I know a lot of bloggers have gone past this stage and I am kinda lagging behind, but not to worry; the race is not for the Taylor swift. I shall get there in good time.

So! I decided to give my blog a new look and feel. I know some readers who were used to the old theme may have some challenges navigating through this new one, but not to worry, I made sure the theme isn’t that difficult to get used to. If you have any challenge getting to your favourite post, please use the “Categories” widget on the left panel. It will get you home safely.

Yes! About the theme itself; the title of the theme is “Lovebirds”. Christmas may have come and gone, but I still feel this is the season of love, especially as Valentine is around the corner. What do you think about the theme? Likey? I think it looks kinda feminine…and that is not my constituency, right? Wrong! Most of my readers are female and if they like the theme, then so be it! Moreover, blogging is not about the owner of the blog. It’s about the audience. Just like the Koko Master, give to the people what the people want.

P.S: Given the recent spate of arrest of people exhibiting homosexual tendencies by the Police, let me make a Press Release and clear the air: This new theme may make the blog look feminine, but the owner of the blog –  my alter ego (not me. If you have difficulty understanding this, read the “About HaroldWrites” page), is very much a warm-blooded male and does nothing to suggest his inner wirings are confused. End of Press Release….



So! This is to officially raise the curtain on 2014. I promise to double my efforts from last year. Thanks for the love you’ve shown me on this blog and other platforms. The HaroldWrites brand would be nothing without you. Last week, my latest piece for Bella Naija was published and the response was magical! I read the comments on the article and I ‘saw’ some of you there. So I say, muchas gracias!

This year, I’ll be doing a lot of that. So just in case you don’t hear from me on this blog in a while, know that I have been kidnapped on another platform. And don’t call the cops. I will be safe with my kidnappers…..

Once again, welcome to 2014. May the good Lord guide and protect us all and may He grant us our heart desires as long as those heart desires won’t lead to our damnation. Amin l’oruko Jesu (hope I got that right?).

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    • Yayyy! My beloved Kiru stopped by. Thanks and Happy New year. By the way, I love the new look of A Valentine Challenge. My kind of cover page. Simple, yet attractive. All the best!

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