Winner of “Guardians of the Seal” Giveaway announced

So, two days ago, I published this post ( )and promised to giveaway @tundeleye ‘s new book, Guardians of the Seal, today. A couple of people entered for the giveaway. After keenly scrutinising the entries, two people really convinced me to give them the book. The two people who convinced me were Kodili and Seyi Adeoye. However, and like I said in the post, only one person can win it. In view of the foregoing, I have been constrained to pick one person, and that person is Kodili. Congratulations. I’ll contact you through the email you dropped. Thanks to everyone who participated and those who retweeted the link on Twitter. Thanks also to those who liked the Facebook Ad on the giveaway. To those who did not win, better luck next time.

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The two entries that really piqued my interest are shown below. Kodili won because she promised to do a review of the book.





Have a fabulous weekend ahead.






3 thoughts on “Winner of “Guardians of the Seal” Giveaway announced

  1. kodili says:

    Yaay! Thank you. Kodili is a ‘ she’ o. Anyway, i’ll definitely do the review. Please i haven’ t received your email yet…..Thank you.

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