Free Flow

Sometimes life plays a trick on us just when we think we have it figured out whereas it was life that had us figured out a very long time ago and we were only just playing the script written by life without knowing it until it hits us and by that time it would have been too late to reverse our numerous decisions which would have made us into who we are not or who we are not supposed to be and this realization would hurt so bad because we would have taken decisions which would not have only affected us but would have affected people around us especially people who care about us and have made consequential choices based on our own actions or decisions and the ripple effect of their consequential choices usually spread like wildfire to the extent that they come around to haunt us in ways we could not have imagined when we first made our earlier decisions to outsmart life

As you may have noticed,  I wrote the above short piece without a punctuation mark. Have you ever tried writing that way? Did it make sense? If you have,  I’d like to read it. If you haven’t, can you give it a try in the comments section below?  Let’s see who’s more creative! 

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