Top 10 sites to read African Books and get paid N500,000.00 every month in 2017


Hi everyone and welcome to 2017. I hope it is not too late to say “Happy New Year”. I also hope you had a great yuletide? Mine was spuflix*. I will post a review of my yuletide experience in due course. I had not had such fun in a long time. Yes, it was financially draining but the fun was worth it. There is an African adage which goes thus: “soup wey sweet, na money kill am” which literally translates to “a delicious delicacy is expensive”.

This brings me to the essence of this post. After being a little extravagant during the holiday, I had to sit myself down in the quiet of my room one faithful night, thinking about what life would be like in January without money. Something must happen this January if I would not die of starvation. A financial miracle must be in the offing. It just has to.

A friend posted something on BBM which further threw me into a deep reflective mood. He said:

“Blessed are those who finish their December salary in December for they shall know the true meaning of endurance in January.”

Are you one of those who spent their December salary in December? Not to worry. I came up with an idea of how to make some cash this January. But there is one criterion: you must love to read African books. Yes, as simple as that.

So do you love to read African books? And you would like to make money from reading those books? If you are that person, then I propose that, you and I conduct an extensive online research on how we can get paid N500,000.00 from reading African books online every month this year. I mean, we just have to make that finding, else, we might die of starvation. And we need ten of those sites. Imagine making N5,000,000.00 (five million naira) every month from just reading. Imagine that!

So just in case you discover any site that pays N500,000.00 for reading their African literary content every month, please do reach out to me.

Thank you and I love you.


*Spuflix: my coinage for “extremely fantastic”.

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