5 Reasons You Should Attend Tomi Adesina’s Book Launch

I believe anyone who is not living under the rocks, should by now, be aware that one of Nigeria’s best young talented writers, Ms. Tomi Adesina will be launching her book, “George’s Pieces of Me” on Sunday August 20, 2017. The venue is the Centre for Contemporary Art, located at No. 9, McEwen Street, Off Queen Street, Yaba, Lagos. The time is 3:00pm, but there will be a photo session with the author from 2:30pm.

The launch date is a Sunday and if you are like me, I usually like to spend my weekends (particularly Sundays) indoors. Apart from going to church, I usually do not have the will-power to attend any functions, events or even social gatherings on Sundays. It takes something or someone very special to get me out of the comfort of my apartment on a Sunday. Tomi Adesina is one of those special people and her book launch is one of those special events.

So, here I am, coming to you as a human being, trying to convince you to join me at Tomi Adesina’s book launch this Sunday.


Reason 1:       Free Plots of Land at Banana Island for every Attendee?

Guys, this is no joke. Rumours have it that Tomi wanted to give everyone a p…roper “Thank You For Coming” package. Top on the list was choice properties at Banana Island. But since she could not easily access dollars to pay for the hectares of land due to scarcity of the currency in the parallel market, she decided to give attendees something I consider even better.


Wait for it.




Small Chops!


Yes. Every attendee will be served with Small Chops. Free Small Chops. You won’t pay a dime for the Small Chops. Guys, who says no to free Small Chops? WHO?! Personally, I think Small Chops is a better option than Banana Island property because, the cost of processing the papers as a land owner in Banana Island is quite daunting. I am talking about the financial cost. Do you know how much you will pay for Governor’s Consent? Stamp Duties? Registration of your Deed of Assignment?

Please I don’t have that money now. Give me small chops let me eat and relaz mai navs.


Reason 2: Taking Photograph with and the Autograph of an Award-Winning Writer.

Yeah, just in case anyone was living under the rocks and did not know, Tomi is an award-winning writer. In 2013 she won the Nigerian Blog Awards for her blog fiction series and in 2015, her screenplay on cyberbullying (Feisty John) won the Homevida Prize. She also won the Nigerian Writers Award for Best Young Writer in 2015 and her short stories have been featured in magazines across Africa. She has several TV credits to her name including Deadline (Season 1), Broadway, My Flatmates, The Other Me, Hakkunde and other TV shows.

So, this would be a great opportunity to take pictures with her and get her autograph. It is not after she has made it to Hollywood like G.R.R. Martins, you people will start screaming “had I known, I would have attended her book launch when I had the chance.” Attend that book launch now and take her autograph now. Do not let your grand children (who will be her youngling fans by then) to look at you one kain one kain and be wondering, “a grandparent who did not take picture with Tomi Adesina, is that one a grandparent?”


Reason 3: An Opportunity to explore the ancient City of Yaba.

Are you a non-resident of Yaba? This is an opportunity for you to explore this beautiful ancient city. Yaba is currently being touted as the Silicon Valley of Nigeria because it is home to several tech start-ups in Nigeria. Use this opportunity to visit some of these start-ups. Their doors may not be open, but you can still visit their addresses. One of such is CcHub. Their office is located at 6th Floor, 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos. Another tech company you may want to visit is hotels.ng . Their address is beside the Chief Magistrate Court in Yaba, which is, No. 26 Birrel Street, Sabo Yaba, Onike, Lagos.


Apart from tech companies, other site attractions in Yaba are the Herbert Macaulay E-Library, University of Lagos, Yaba College of Technology, E-Centre, Queens College, Tejuosho Market, Oyingbo Market, Sabo Round-About and yes, Adekunle Police Station. I included the Adekunle Police Station because most people who ply the 3rd Mainland Bridge know that, a section of the Bridge is referred to as “Adekunle”. I never knew the spot was “named” after a busstop in Yaba known as Adekunle Bus-stop and there is a prominent Police Station by the Bus-stop. It would be nice to visit the station and have a couple of shots with the Officers, don’t you think? And by shots, please I am referring to pictures.


You can visit the above places before the book launch on Sunday.


Reason 4: Networking


Are you a literature enthusiast? You eat, drink and breathe books? Sunday is the perfect opportunity to meet other crazy people like yourself book lovers like yourself. Readers, writers, editors and publishers will be at the book launch. Come and do your thing.


You know how people of the world think bookworms are weird and one kain one kain? That you book lovers do not have a life apart from indulging in books? See, come and snap plenty pictures on Sunday so you can put them on Instagram to show those haters that you know how to catch groove. Come and pepper dem.


Reason 5: The price of the Book will be subsidized


“George’s Pieces of Me” will be available for purchase at a ridiculously pocket-friendly price on the day of the launch. Are you a fan of Tomi? See this as an opportunity to get several copies of her first ever paperback book at a super-cheap price. You can give these copies as gifts or giveaways on your different platforms.


For more information on Tomi Adesina and her works, visit her website at www.tomiadesina.com or her blog at www.tomiadesina.wordpress.com


Fun Activity:


You know the venue for the book launch will be at No. 9, McEwen Street, Off Queen Street, Yaba? So, I went on Google to learn how to pronounce the word “McEwen”. The result brought tears to my eyes. So, I’ll leave you to do it too. Go to goggle and insert in the search bar: pronounce McEwen.

Click on the first result. It is a youtube video (Heck! The link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNIWNYO3m40 ) Listen to the pronunciation. Come back and let me know what you heard at the end.


Do not forget, the book launch is this Sunday, August 20, 2017 by 3:00pm.

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