Biting the Dust*


@Ms_AffyIt eats up

Tears down

Takes the stars from your crown

Pushes you to the ground

It shuts the door to greatness

It leaves you tearing up behind closed doors

It entertains fear

It wines and dines with failure

It is not afraid to call depression by its name

It zaps faster than a gun

It holds you bound

You neither crawl, walk or run

It destroys

Crushes the bones

It scoops the ice-cream

Disposing the cone

If you don’t let it go

You would bite the dust

Sooner than you know

It is a disability

It’s called negativity.



Poem by Affiong Ene-Obong. Affiong Ene-Obong is a lawyer,  writer, poet and artist.  She holds a Law degree from Babcock University. She is a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Rivers State chapter; member of Sea View Poetry Club and member of Sisters’ Interact Network, an NGO to help women actualize themselves. Her first book,  ‘A Life Called Forever’ is a collection of inspirational poetry beautifully written to inspire, impact and transform lives. She is a polyglot.

You can contact Affiong Ene-Obong on Twitter as @Ms_Affy


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Choice by Kolawole Adepoju


In a mirage

The stars call out to him in rage

The bludgeonings of the very beginning

Anticipating his epiphany

The black age of oblivion

Blinds him from seeing the beacon

A step away from conceit

If only he could trust his gut

Tick tock, tick tock

Time sings its evanescent ballad

As he steps from the cliff of the rock

Into his ‘destined’

His choice

His distinction

Colour by Miss X


Happy wednesday my people. The first thing I said this morning when I woke up was “Thank God Friday is just a few seconds away!” Lol. And no, I’m not just excited about the weekend, but also because of the september Holy Ghost Service at  Redemption Camp. *wink*

Enjoy this piece by my very own Miss X. If you don’t know who that is by now, sorry I cant help you.


Swimming in the ocean
Trying to count the stars…
It seems I’ve lost my inspiration
Muse come help me find my way…

I want to see in colour,
Vivid hues no grey
Will you be my paint brush?
We’ll paint this town red

I can’t see the rainbow
A hundred times I’ve tried
All my strokes without you
Remain in black and white

Come and fill my senses
Come and open up my mind
No doubt you must be magic
You move me without trying………


Photo credit: Lazy twins

FREE by Miss X

free image

I just wanna sit and watch the stars

Forget about the world and who I am

I don’t wanna think, not even dream

I just want to be me

Life aint always good, that I know
It will throw you bricks; Just build a home
Don’t worry about the wounds, cause all things heal
Forget about inconsequential things

Every step I take, I’m looking back
Should I ply this route or go ahead,
But I’ll never know until I try
I just want to be free

Life always seems so complicated,
Every single thing is simply overrated,
Just take each day as it comes,
Love, Live, just be………



Remember the lady with whom I had THE PROPOSAL conversation with? Yup! The Lady with a Heart of Steel? Yup. The One who rebuffed my die-hard advances? The One I am in love with tried convincing to use her creative pen more often but wouldn’t bulge? Yup. That one. I finally talked her into letting the world have a taste of her creativity and after almost two hours of pep talk, she agreed to oblige me with some pieces. I picked “Castle with Glass doors” first and after going through it, I was left in a pool of my tears. So strong was the message in this that I decided to put it up first thing today. Read it, and feel free to cry your hearts out too, in the comment section.


Trapped in a castle with glass doors

Transparent blindfolds

Candy chains that tie me to you

I can leave but won’t do

I can’t breathe  still choose you

Simply nothing to loose.

Inside this castle we built

Mind jaded by broken cupid

Can never tell if its sunshine,

rainstorms or hurricanes

Oblivious, I still remain

I still remain.
Tear stains, are bold red

Heart beat has faltered

Can’t sleep but I dream

Can’t see but I see you

I’m free but I still remain…

I still remain.