New Series Feature Alert: Diary of a Jumoke



Hi, everyone. Here is the blurb for an upcoming series that will be featured on my blog. The series is written by Abdulwahab Olajumoke. I’ll be posting it every Tuesday. Make it a date.


Sexy, sweet Jumoke has it all. A nice body, sexy shape, and a butt that can set the world of the most upright man on fire. Coupled with her accent so flawless that she’s like a demi beauty goddess. She’s living her life to the fullest, easily nabbing any man of her choice with her looks.

But when she realizes she’s pregnant for the one man she detests for leaving her and Ariana her daughter, she must find a way to make sure he doesn’t use her and dump her the second time.

Will she ever end up with the man of her heart?

Will she be able to leave her work for a home?

Find out in the most exciting, most thrilling, most captivating Diary of a Jumoke.