Dennis Agyeman reviews “Don’t Join” by Azubike A. Ahubelem


Cultism has infested deep into the fabric of our society. It has transcended the era of safe barricades confines of a university campus. Cultism is now everywhere; from political party systems, hoodlums and rich folks alike. Just the mere thought of this sends shiver down my spine.

With a rich narration by Azubike A. Ahubelem in his book: Don’t Join, you are surely going to find yourself in the protagonist shoes. You would feel his pains; you would be in his corruptible world right in your safe environment. You will find out why the protagonist joined Cultism for reasons best known to him.

Don’t Join is an avant-garde piece written in a witty and invigorating style, weaving through a 110 pages from the beginning to the very end. It is not just a book that sheds pain, blood, love, lust and rage. It is also a book that will send your ribs cracking with laughter. Azubike A. Ahubelem could also be a comedian if only he considers that line of career. He did a very good job in blending a gory scene picture with comedy, a cultist prayer and well written poetry of songs.

“We drink in barrels and not in bottles

Lazy Warrior, you drink in bottles

Warriors like to drink gin, but only in barrels

Lazy Warrior, you drink in bottles

Warriors like to drink beer but only in barrels

Lazy Warrior you drink in bottles”

 When you read a rarified yet extraordinary book like Don’t Join, you will have a different view about Death. It is inevitable and it is something that we should embrace now and probably plan towards it. The book adopted a University campus in Nigeria setting which comprised of radical students who believed in social pride, war and death. Even at the face of death, they feared absolutely nothing.

“Tell them how no one could tamper with you because you were my friend; tell them I died a hero and that my spirit dwells in Valhalla, a place where all great warriors go. Tell them that I am brewing [drinking] from Mimir, the fountain of wisdom with the gods.” Then he growled like a wolf, Awoo! Awoo!”

Each chapter in the book is preceded with a foreign quote by renowned people in academia such as Presidents, Nobel laureates, Musicians and etc. all having one thing in common: Art. The quotes were part of the author’s brilliant idea to paint a picture before you even begin a chapter.

“A man has less conscience when in love than in any other condition.” —Arthur Schopenhauer (1788–1860), German philosopher

The cultist believed in afterlife and they lived a brave life as such so their soul could be captured by a Valkyerie and transported to Valhalla or Hades, a rival eternal place for the weak.

“I woke up sweating, but full of excitement for it has just been confirmed that in death I would be a hero: yes, a fallen hero worthy to be lifted high, riding behind the Valkyries as they fly high on their wings of glory.”

Don’t Join painted an environment of quest for power and competition of ranking system, respect for mankind and pride. You would shed a deeper light into their choice of names, choice of punishment and choice to live in fear.

My favorite quote in the book would be;

“Do not be afraid to kill a man when the need arises, for murder is sacrifice.”

I almost cried when I read these lines…

“May the Valkyeries welcome you and lead you through Odin, father of Thor, great battlefield. May they send your name with love and fury so we might hear it rise from the depth of Valhalla and know that you’ve taken your rightful place at the table of Kings for a great man has fallen, a warrior, a chieftain, a brother, a friend.”

This book is an eye-opener that will enable you experience the nitty-gritty of this filthy environment in all its glory in your comfort zone and leave you with only one ultimate advice, (I am sure you can guess) Don’t Join.


Don’t Join is written by Azubike Akin Ahubelem and published by AuthorHouse UK


Hardcover | 6 x 9 in |110 pages| ISBN 9781496986962

Softcover | 6 x 9 in |110 pages| ISBN 9781496986972

E-book | ISBN 9781496986986

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 About the Author

Azubike A. Ahubelem has a master’s degree in Information and Communication Technology from Anglia Ruskin University. He currently lives in the United Kingdom with his family. He is inspired by events around him and tries to relate it to topics he writes about. He writes purely fiction but he has been privileged to have his opinion expressed in the Punch Newspaper where his article “Taming the Monster” was published.



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