Attend this Practical Workshop: Blogging for Beginners


We are in the second quarter of the year and you’ve probably not learnt any new skill, as you had resolved to do at the beginning of the year. Nigeria’s economy is in recession and you are wondering what to do. Perhaps, you already figured out what to do and that is to take advantage of the world wide web by blogging, but you do not know how to blog. Not to worry, BlogCampNG is here to the rescue.

Are you an artist, caterer, interior decorator, photographer, event planner, musician, author/writer, fashion designer, beautician, entrepreneur, sales person etc and you don’t have a blog, but would like to? Have you ever attended any previous Blogging Workshop but all you learnt were motivational quotes and phrases? Do you want to be able to actually set up a blog, design it, beautify it, brand it, generate traffic to it, monetize it etc?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you have to attend BlogCampNG’s workshop themed “Blogging MasterClass for Beginners”. We all know that blogging can be so tasking to someone who is just starting out and we know that there are so many questions related to setting up, building, managing and monetising a blog. The BlogCampNG workshop is aimed at teaching BEGINNERS/AMATEURS all the inner workings of creating a blog and to educate you to build, manage and grow your blog whether it’s just a pastime or part of your small business.

It will be extremely practical from the scratch! At the BlogCampNG workshop, beginner/amateur bloggers will be introduced to tools they need to run a better, more successful and creative blog. The course will cover tips for setting up a blog, creatively improving the design of your site, using social media to market your blog, etc.

The PRACTICAL course will cover topics like:

How to create/set up a beautiful WordPress blog from scratch

How to tag and categorize posts

How to share and promote posts

How to generate traffic to your blog

How to brand your blog

How to integrate your social networks (Twitter, Facebook Profile, Facebook Page and Facebook Groups, Google +, LindkedIn account etc) with your blog

How to choose the perfect theme

How to design a header image as an amateur

How to publish posts using your phone

How to manage comments

How to customise widgets

How to use your blog sidebars for advertising

How to upload pdfs on your blog

How to create contents

How to engage your audience

How to get your custom domain (

How to boost your blog posts to thousands on Facebook Etc Etc


PLEASE NOTE THAT this will be a very practical session, therefore, it is going to be a BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) workshop. This is not going to be one of those Motivational events that you may have attended, it is a PRACTICAL WORKSHOP. It is also not a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME/WORKSHOP. The things you will learn at the Practical Workshop have been listed above.


May 29, 2017 [Democracy Day which is a public holiday]




LitCaf, 1st Floor, E-Center, Commercial Avenue, Sabo Yaba, Lagos

Workshop Fee:

The Workshop Fee is N20, 000.

However, between now and May 05, 2017, we are offering a 50% discount. So, if you pay between now and May 05, 2017, you only pay N10,000.

Why should I pay before May 05, 2017?

First, we have very limited spaces. Once we attain that number, we shall not be accepting payments anymore. Any payment made after we exceed our number shall be refunded.

Second, anyone who pays before May 05, 2017, shall be given our comprehensive Guide Book titled “The Blog Book”. The Blog Book contains every information amateur/beginner blogger needs to know on Blogging. The book is worth N4,000.00, but will be given for free to people who pay before May 05, 2017.


Why should I attend the workshop?

The workshop is a practical class. You will be taught and shown from scratch all you need to know on blogging, as highlighted above. You will also set up your first blog at the end of the workshop. Every participant will also be given a goodie bag containing writing materials.


What should I come with?

A laptop

A Naira Debit Card (Note, this is optional. If you do not intend purchasing a custom domain (e.g, then, you don’t need a debit card)

Which account do I pay into?

For account details, please send a mail to haroldwrites.official@gmail. Com

What do I do after paying?

Kindly send your name to haroldwrites.official@gmail. com .

For any information regarding the above, please kindly send me a mail at . I respond to emails within the quickest possible time.



Christmas Ideas, anyone?

xmas ideas, anyone_.png

So, today is the 1st day of the last 61 days in 2016. In the last couple of weeks, I have been toying (or should I say, battling) with several blog ideas for the month of December. I have a sense of what I should do, but for some reason, the ideas are still fuzzy without any concrete form. Even in my head. I would love to do something special for my blog readers/followers but I am having a tough time deciding what it should be. So I have decided to pour out my thoughts here. I hope you can help me make a decision.

IDEA #1 

I am contemplating publishing a special Christmas series for the 31 days of December.  I want to tag it “31 Days of Christmas”. One post will be published on each day of December. I will not be the author of the 31 posts. I want 31 different bloggers/authors to send in Christmas-themed entries. I think this could be a nice idea. You know, giving my readers something to look forward to on each day of December. I have not decided if I want to go ahead with this. Why? I don’t know if I can get 31 entries before November 30. Like, is it possible to have 31 entries within a short span of time?

PS: You can make this happen. If you have any Christmas-themed short-story you would love me to publish on my blog, you can send me an email with the story attached. My email is haroldwrites.official @



I would love to give freebies (Ebooks, paper backs, cash, gift items etc) to my readers in December. I have not been able to decide what I should give. Do you think this is a great idea? Let me know which freebies you would like in the comment section below.



Organise a hang out with some of my readers. Like, have a kind of meet and greet with my readers/followers. I am here because of you all. I may not be doing this if no one was reading my posts. And I am desirous of meeting as many of my readers as possible. In person, that is. However, the singular reason I have not settled for this idea yet, is because, I am quite a shy person. Lol. Many people who know me in person find this hard to believe, but really, I am that shy guy.


Sometimes, I stay indoors on weekends (even when I am out of groceries and need to do some shopping) because I don’t want my neighbours on the street to see me. A few times I summon courage to actually come out of my flat, I would take a bike to a shop down the street to purchase what I need. Lol. I cant imagine taking a short trek and having every eye fixated on me. Big LOL.

Will you like to meet me in person? If you think I should do this, let me know in the comment section below. I could come out of my shell for you. We could go canopy walking at Lekki Conservative Centre. Or hang out at Elegushi Beach. Or do whatever.

I am serious.


I have also been contemplating organising a Blogging Workshop for newbies. You may have seen my Facebook ad a few weeks back. Yeah. It is something I would really love to do, but I have been very busy off late. And I am Mr. Shy. A follower of my blog actually sent me a message saying he is willing to pay N10,000.00 for me to take him through the ropes of Blogging. I told him I was willing to teach him for free. Yea. You read that right. After that interaction with him, I thought to myself: why don’t I organise a Blogging Workshop for anyone willing to learn? I am not a guru in Blogging but the little knowledge I have, I am willing to impart it in others. I know there are so many beauticians, interior decorators, social media merchants etc out there who need a blog presence but don’t know how to go about it. I could teach them for free.  But I will need a conducive venue for this.

So, if you can offer a free venue for this purpose or you know anyone who can do this, let me know. I will be willing to go ahead with this plan in December.



Those are a few thoughts I have been having for the yuletide month. Which of the above would you love to see me execute?



Re: 5 Things Every Serious Writer Must Do In 2014

Are you ready for 2014?

Are you ready for 2014?

Just in case you missed it, here is a post I did for Bella Naija earlier this year. I decided to repost it on my blog for the benefit of my readers who did not get the Bella Naija link. And moreover, I discovered that the post had already been republished on a lot of blogs/sites without my approval. So why not put it on mine too?…… Ok. Enjoy!


“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates

On December 29, 2013, I had dinner with Tunde Leye and a couple of other contemporary Nigerian writers. It was a good opportunity to socialise with some great literary minds and share some fresh ideas. Our discussions during dinner covered one broad subject area: the art of writing and our individual projections for 2014. That meet up could be summed up in the above quote by the great Philosopher, Socrates. We were able to reflect on our experiences in 2013, while also deliberating on what we hoped to achieve in 2014 in this chosen, hallowed field.

In the course of evening, Tunde Leye popped the question, “if you were to be relieved of your 8-6 job in 2014, how do you hope to make money from writing?” We all had different answers to the question, but of course, those answers came after some very deep thoughts. The time each person spent deliberating on the question before proffering an answer was a pointer to the fact that not everyone at the table had been taking their writings seriously.

While this post is not about how to make money from writing, it is a guide on how to take your writing serious in 2014. Hopefully by adopting some of the tips herein, your path will be led to the mysterious writing money vault.

Get a Blog
While it is cool to write for different platforms and call yourself a freelance writer, the benefits of owning a personal blog cannot be overemphasized. I have some writer friends who don’t own personal blogs for different, seemingly genuine reasons. Some claim to be too busy to maintain a blog with regular posts, while others believe social media is a great substitute for blogging. I have a poet friend who does all his postings on Facebook. He has quite an impressive following on his Facebook Page and sees no reason why he should trade that for a blog. Continue reading