book without a name+ www.haroldwrites.wordpress.comOne of the many troubles writers face is getting a title for their works, be they articles, short stories or books. I have always been faced with such herculean task over the years with articles and short stories. Currently, i am faced with the challenge of titling my first real book!

Did you notice the adjective “real”? Yes! That is because this wouldn’t be the first manuscript i will be sending to the printers for publication. Back in my University days, I did a publication for students. It looked more like a pamphlet, so I don’t like to think of it as a book.

The current prospective book in question would be my third manuscript.

I started my first manuscript and story (a gothic work) in my final year in secondary school and completed it in my second year in the university – about a three year span. But the story/manuscript is yet to be titled. Continue reading