Recently, something really off-the-hook happened to me. And when I say off-the-hook, I mean OFF-THE-HOOK. I don’t mean cool. It was a Saturday and I was really looking forward to spending it the best way possible. The week days had really been hectic and “down-the-hook.” I needed some fun in my goddamn life! Back in the days, the perfect weekend would be going to the beach, visiting friends and thereafter going to the movies. That was back in the days. Now the perfect weekend formula is:


Perfect weekend = Constant power supply + Stay at home + Complete DSTV subscription (alternatively, a DVD collection of the coolest romantic soaps or dramas).


Yes, I love love movies. Knock yourself out.

As a kid, I always wondered why my dad had a different interpretation of what the “perfect” weekend should look like. All the ever  did was stay home all weekend and watch WWE or some bible story movie and when I inquired why he never really liked “catching fun”  (going out)he always replied that I would understand when I was old.  Now I understand. And am not yet old. Am just grown up. Continue reading