Christmas Ideas, anyone?

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So, today is the 1st day of the last 61 days in 2016. In the last couple of weeks, I have been toying (or should I say, battling) with several blog ideas for the month of December. I have a sense of what I should do, but for some reason, the ideas are still fuzzy without any concrete form. Even in my head. I would love to do something special for my blog readers/followers but I am having a tough time deciding what it should be. So I have decided to pour out my thoughts here. I hope you can help me make a decision.

IDEA #1 

I am contemplating publishing a special Christmas series for the 31 days of December.¬†¬†I want to tag it “31 Days of Christmas”. One post will be published on each day of December. I will not be the author of the 31 posts. I want 31 different bloggers/authors to send in Christmas-themed entries. I think this could be a nice idea. You know, giving my readers something to look forward to on each day of December. I have not decided if I want to go ahead with this. Why? I don’t know if I can get 31 entries before November 30. Like, is it possible to have 31 entries within a short span of time?

PS: You can make this happen. If you have any Christmas-themed short-story you would love me to publish on my blog, you can send me an email with the story attached. My email is haroldwrites.official @



I would love to give freebies (Ebooks, paper backs, cash, gift items etc) to my readers in December. I have not been able to decide what I should give. Do you think this is a great idea? Let me know which freebies you would like in the comment section below.



Organise a hang out with some of my readers. Like, have a kind of meet and greet with my readers/followers. I am here because of you all. I may not be doing this if no one was reading my posts. And I am desirous of meeting as many of my readers as possible. In person, that is. However, the singular reason I have not settled for this idea yet, is because, I am quite a shy person. Lol. Many people who know me in person find this hard to believe, but really, I am that shy guy.


Sometimes, I stay indoors on weekends (even when I¬†am out of¬†groceries¬†and need to do some shopping)¬†because I don’t want my neighbours on the street to see me.¬†A few¬†times¬†I summon¬†courage to actually come out of my flat, I would take a bike to¬†a¬†shop down the street¬†to purchase what I¬†need.¬†Lol. I cant imagine taking a short trek and having every eye¬†fixated on me. Big LOL.

Will you like to meet me in person? If you think I should do this, let me know in the comment section below. I could come out of my shell for you. We could go canopy walking at Lekki Conservative Centre. Or hang out at Elegushi Beach. Or do whatever.

I am serious.


I have also been contemplating organising a Blogging Workshop for newbies. You may have seen my Facebook ad a few weeks back. Yeah. It is something I would really love to do, but I have been very busy off late. And I am Mr. Shy.¬†A follower of my blog actually sent me a message saying he is willing to pay N10,000.00 for me to take him through the ropes of Blogging. I told him I was willing to teach him for free. Yea. You read that right. After that interaction with him, I thought to myself: why don’t I organise a Blogging Workshop for anyone willing to learn? I am not a guru in Blogging but the little knowledge I have, I am willing to impart it in others. I know there are so many beauticians, interior decorators, social media merchants etc out there who need a blog presence but don’t know how to go about it. I could teach them for free.¬†¬†But I will need a conducive venue for this.

So, if you can offer a free venue for this purpose or you know anyone who can do this, let me know. I will be willing to go ahead with this plan in December.



Those are a few thoughts I have been having for the yuletide month. Which of the above would you love to see me execute?



Why I want to get a tattoo


Some few months ago, an avalanche of unusual emotion rose along my path, whooshed towards me, overtook me and of course, drowned me in the process. I did not know where it came from, but it was one extremely strong tide. By the title of this post, you would have guessed what this emotion was. Yes, I felt like getting a tattoo. And the reason for wanting a tattoo is not one you would have expected. I did not want it because I felt it was cool and made me look hippie. Truth is, I did not have a reason for wanting a tattoo. I just wanted it. Something was telling me I had to get a tattoo. I mulled over this thought for some time. Whilst I was mulling over it, another set of emotional tide hit me: I started feeling the need to braid my afro hair too. Arrrrgh!

Was I going through some midlife crisis? I asked myself. It was so unusual that, I, a full fleshed son of a full fleshed and typically religious African father would be considering things as outrageous as getting a tattoo and braiding my hair. I must have been going through some sort of midlife crisis.

And then it dawned on me that, I had not attained the official ‚Äúmidlife age‚ÄĚ of forty. I was a long way from it. So, what was responsible for my unexplainable desires?

As I could not proffer an answer to the above mind-boggling question, I decided to kick those thoughts out of my head.

That was some months ago.

A few nights ago as I lay on my bed in the dark of my room with my eyes staring at the ceiling, my forgone thoughts came visiting like a repentant ex who had something new to say. The thought of getting a tattoo re-emerged. I thought of Chimamanda Adichie and her Team Natural Hair Movement. I thought of Wole Soyinka and his eternal Afro. And then, like Archimedes did in the 17th century, I screamed ‚ÄúEureka‚ÄĚ on my bed! I had found a reason to get a tattoo! I needed my own signature look as a writer!

Have you attended African literary events with popular authors and not-so-popular authors in attendance? Have you noticed how most of them wear African print attires like a cult? And then, there are those who keep dreads? And those who are identified by their piercings? Yup, writers have found a way to make themselves stand out in the crowd with signature looks. And I want to be a part of that. I want to have a signature look as an African writer. I want a tattoo. I can do without braiding my hair for now (my afro is gone). But I want a tattoo. I am so getting a tattoo.

But not so soon.

I will get a tattoo when I make my first million from writing.

Million dollar, that is.

I mean, I cannot be carrying a tattoo around with a bank account desperately begging for salvation. I need a bragging right of some sort. You know, if anyone wants to complain about my hippie lifestyle (getting a tattoo), I want to be able to tell them to talk to my bank account. *wears shade*

Until then, my fascination with getting a tattoo can remain a fascination.

What is your weirdest fascination? Ever wanted a signature look as a writer? What is it (and why haven’t you got it)?


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It’s never too late to say this

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My 2015 writing goals?

No. I stopped setting writing goals since…this year.

Now to the purpose of this post… I know this might be coming late, but it’s never too late to say happy new year.¬†¬†I bless the good Lord who made it possible for us to see 2015. It was not by our power nor by our¬†might. If it had not been the Lord who had been on¬†my side,¬†I would have been history by now. Despite¬†my unfaithfulness, He still showered¬†me with His steadfast love. 2014 was a particularly amazing year for me. Not so great for my writing craft, but in other respect, it was amazeballs!!! For starters, I celebrated one year anniversary¬†at my paid job in December 2014. Wait, did you think I write for a living? Really?¬†Nah,¬†I don’t write (creative fiction/non-fiction) for a living. Not just yet. It’s something I intend doing later in life. For now, I write for the love of¬†the craft. Okay. I was saying I celebrated one year anniversary on my paid job in¬†December 2014. As most of you don’t know, I¬†was thrown into the labour market some two years ago as a Corper (whatever this word actually¬†mean in English). By the end of my service year (December 2013), the good Lord provided me with a job, which, by its requirements, I was the least qualified for. You know when you apply as a youth corper for a job, which basic qualification for,¬†is¬†to have¬†at least 3 years post-NYSC work experience? Yup, that was the sort of job I applied for. And I was hired.

Before December 2014, when¬†I celebrated a year on the job, the Lord blessed me with this beauty below: car ¬† If you are friends with me on facebook, you would have seen my post on the above. One thing you may not know, is that, within two weeks of getting it, I was¬†welcome into the club¬†of¬†fresh owners with three “bashes”. One was self inflicted, the other two were courtesy of our friends who drive that yellow whale on Lagos roads. ¬†Good Lord, did I almost cry?…Anyway, story for another day….

Asides the material gifts, the Lord also blessed me emotionally and spiritually. My mental strength toughened in 2014. I became braver than I was in 2013 and I was able to face and withstand seeming challenges without breaking.

My inter-personal relationship with fellow humans also blossomed in 2014. I love keeping to myself, but in 2014,  I made sure I made some new acquaintances. Just a few, though.

I also tried to know God more. Yes, the key word is “Tried”,because, truth be told, I am not yet where I want to be spiritually. But yes, I grew in that regard in 2014. I just want to better it in 2015.

Health-wise, the Lord was also faithful to me. I did not have any reason to visit any hospital in 2014. It’s been about three years now since I last visited a clinic. And it’s a testimony for me. The closest I came to visiting a place full of drugs is the pharmacy to buy paracetamol.¬†¬†And oh, I also bought¬†anti-malarial dose once in 2014. *wide grin*

My love life also finally  took a turn in the positive direction for the first time in four years. Shussh..Story for another day.

God has¬†started 2015 in grand style for me as well. On the 6th of January, 2015 as I was¬†driving home¬†from work at night, one of those¬† fine boys who rob unsuspecting motorists and pedestrians along Iyanoworo/Car Wash axis came over to my car whilst I was in traffic. He pointed a gun at me and demanded for my phone…or my life. I starred at this guy for God-knows-how-long without flinching, not because I was brave, but for whatever-reason-it-was, I did not¬†move at the sight of his gun to my face. As he¬†cocked his gun and made more¬†dramatic demands, God took care of the situation by making a way out. I did not lose any personal belonging or¬†my life.¬†What more can I ask of the Most High who promised us the gift of life and was faithful to His word when I needed it most? ¬† Why am I sharing the above with you? We are encouraged¬†in¬†the following Bible verses to do so: Luke 8: 39, Psalm 71: 15 – 18, Mathew 10:32, 1 John 1: 1- 4.

Let me also use this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who visited my blog last year, commented on a post or suggested ways to better my craft. God bless you richly. In 2014, I hit over 100 likes on my facebook page here. Thanks to everyone who like my page, follow me on Twitter, instagram or add me on BBM.

I have a feeling 2015 is going to be an awesome year for everyone reading¬†this. As for my writing, some of my plans that have been incubating for a while now should manifest this year by the grace of God. If you have been following my writing, I would love if you could apply some more pressure on me to write more. I have some “crazy” readers like that. They buzz me every now and then to remind me to post a story or two. I need more of these buzzes. They jolt me out of my struggles-of-life-induced reverie.