haroldwritesmafia***** This is a continuation of the series. If you missed the first part, you can view it here. *****

The Man In Black tried opening his eyes, but they felt heavy and sore. All he could see was thick darkness. He could hear some distant noises too, but couldn’t tell what the pandemonium was all about.  He tried moving his body, but it felt as heavy as a rock, with pangs of pain shooting through every vein and bone.

What’s going on? Why am I feeling this way?

He made another effort to move his hands and legs, but they did not move an inch. He wriggled and wriggled, but nothing happened. Then he heard a faint voice say, “E be like say him don wake up!” Before The Man In Black could make out the meaning of that, he felt a heavy bang on his head.

“Flog am well well!” another voice screamed.

Another knock landed on his head. The Man In Black could feel blood gushing out of his head. He tried opening his eyes, but his eyelids still wouldn’t make way.

“Oya pour am sharp sharp!” the faint voice which was now getting clearer said. The Man In Black felt a stream of liquid covering his head. The liquid trickled down his cheeks into his mouth. He could taste it. It tasted like Continue reading