Green Fairy courtesy of

Green Fairy courtesy of

Enjoy this beautiful piece by my very own Miss X. 


Pocketful of dreams in midnight city
I could sell you one if you desire,
In this city with neon lights & golden skies,
For the smallest thing you’ll pay a price!

Are you sure you do not want mine?
Do you dare to create that which you do not know?
If you try, will you ever reach this place?
Where the streets are made of gold & diamonds reign…


My price is just a token, your puny heart is all i need…
Give it to me and you will know my secrets
In your dreams I will place my treasure map
Somewhere only you will see my most precious piece.

Do not think, do not stall
There are many others with more to give,
Is this not what you have always wanted?
My dear, your heart is something you do not need
Here is the map to midnight city…

Again it seems I have fooled a man,
My gold, my wealth have tricked his mind.
Such silly beings most of them can be!
They have no idea the value of the heart that they possess….
Their loss, my gain…..on to the next!