When the colonial masters obliged to give Nigeria her independence in 1960, there was optimism in the air amongst Nigerians. Fifty two years down that line, that optimism has given way to something dark. Throughout yesterday, I got constant reminders by BBM users of how bad, terrible, cursed, hopeless and doomed my beloved country was. The sensible and I dare say too, senseless ones joined in this new found hobby. While I saw courage in some PMs and broadcasts,  I  saw cowardice  in others.  This curious situation led me to check what was trending on Twitter concerning Nigeria’s forthcoming independence anniversary, as it was customary that when something big was there to talk about, it always trended on Twitter. Well, was I surprised about the result of my search? Yes!!! Nothing was said about Nigeria’s Independence anniversary. Nigerians weren’t talking about Nigeria’s big day!

I returned to my blackberry messenger and the “dark” pms and broadcast messages kept jumping at me. So I decided to let my followers know what Nigerians really thought or felt about their country on her fifty-second independence anniversary.

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