Diary of a Jumoke: Episode IX

This is the ninth episode of Abduwahab’s Olajumoke’s “Diary of a Jumoke”. Kindly do give it a read and let me know what you think of it in the comment section below.


Two weeks passed and my contract with Dr Bassey ended. He traveled out of the country last weekend after depositing a breathtaking amount of money in my bank account.

I mean five million naira for two weeks of being his side chick! If you ask me, I’ll say that’s good business.

Shade’s birthday was coming up soon and I planned a small party for her. It was the least I could do. The lady was like a sister I never had.

My head was all wrapped up in the birthday preparation that I forgot totally about Chief Ike’s invitation. When I remembered, it was way too late and I figured I had to devise a plan to make it up to him.

The day came and we were all prepared for the celebration. Shade had pestered me into inviting Dapo for the party.

She was hoping he would come with one of his friends or he could hook her up with one of his friends. Shade who was notorious for changing boyfriends like clothes told me she was a changed person and was down for love. Well, every girl deserves a second chance.

It was meant to be a small party, but the number of people who turned up was crazy. Even those people we had not invited came. Even Tega too came and she was acting this “goody” too nice girl to me. That girl’s stupidity is just beyond me.

I decided to wear a casual micro mini grown and a leather pam sleep on. I packed my braids in a ponytail and as usual, I was looking ravishing!

The party was already bubbling and everyone was having fun. Shade was all smiles.

I was busy with a plate of grilled meat when Dapo arrived. I was so into it that I didn’t notice he had been taking pictures of me chewing a mouthful of meat.

I was highly embarrassed when I finally knew what had happened.

“Hello Barbie, enjoying the meat?” he asked with a mocking grin on his face. I swallowed hard.

“Hi Dapo” I replied with a smile, standing up to give him a hug.

He was dressed in a red polo T-shirt, a short knickers and matching snickers. He looked completely dashing. I couldn’t help but stare at his lips. He caught my eyes on him and he winked.



The party was a blast. I was really tired and my neck was hurting. God knows, I nearly twisted my neck, made silly faces and replicated model like poses all in a bid to take perfect selfies with the celebrant.

It was late in the evening and almost everyone had left except for some of our neighbors and then Dapo. He stayed till the end of the party to keep my company. Thank God I hired a caterer; the whole place was a mess. Shade and I could not have cleaned it up in two weeks.

“I like your shorts” I complimented gesturing towards his khaki short.

I was slightly tipsy – and well, you know what happens when a girl is tipsy.

“I like your gown too”

“You look like a fairy!”

He picked his phone and asked if we could take a picture together. I gladly agreed.

The picture was beautiful and he joked about how my eyebrow looked like a Nike symbol.

At one point during our conversation he held my hand. His hands were warm and I wished he could hold me forever. Suddenly, he drew a bit closer and took my mouth in his (and there goes my kiss!). I was slightly shocked. I wasn’t expecting him to kiss me.

And as quick as he began, he pulled away and mouthed a silent “I am sorry; you are just too beautiful”.

Hian! Which kain I’m sorry? [What kind of sorry is that!?]

I replied by kissing him back. I had always wanted to do that. His lip was just as I had fantasized – soft, sweet and … (I kennat explain)

My hand was under his shirt in no time but we were interrupted when Shade cleared her throat loudly. We pulled away from each other. I could see the flush on his face.

“Sorry for interrupting” Shade teased.

“I just wanted to thank you for showing up Dapo”

“And Jumoke, thank you so much for this party”

“I feel so honored”.

I gave her a tight bear hug and Dapo took a picture of us.

Few minutes later he was in his car ready to go home.

“Take care of yourself Sweetheart”

“See you soon” he said his full blown baritone voice.

I gave him a wide smile and waved as he zoomed off.

I started missing him the moment he left.

“The guy is just a “potential customer”, don’t start catching feelings” I mused, trying to talk myself out of the idea that I was falling for him.

“Lover girl! When did you guys started dating?” Shade asked with a mischievous grin.

“Obashade! Please don’t start with me” I replied and headed straight into my room.

“No one is dating anyone” I added.

“Sha tell him to hook me up with one his friends Shade shouted after me.

I entered my room and crashed on my bed replaying the day’s event in my head. I was still in Disneyland fantasizing about how cute a couple I and Dapo will be when my phone rang.

Chief Ike was at it again.





*sha – just

Diary of a Jumoke: Episode IV

This is the 4th Episode of Abdulwahab Olajumoke’s “Diary of a Jumoke”. I am sorry for the belated post. It should have been published yesterday. Kindly read and let me know what you make of this episode in the comment section below. You can read Episode 1 here, Episode 2 here and Episode 3 here.b9565334-2a5d-4d71-9f13-c7c36d94dd7e

Soft bed, a lilac duvet and a man with traces of grey hair on his head was the first sight I took in when I opened my eyes.

At first, I couldn’t remember where I was but when my eyes fell on the scattered furniture in the room and my bra which was hanging on the door knob, the memory of the previous night came flooding back.

I had left Club 44 with Dr Bassey after he led me to his Limousine and ordered one of the most expensive champagne. I had giving him a very exquisite lap dance and by the time I was through, I discovered he was as hard as a rock.

He told the driver to take us to the hotel where he was staying and on our way I had added to the fun by giving him a blowjob he would not forget in a decade. He came in my mouth like a tsunami and I could see the pleasant shock in his eyes. Dude has never experienced anything like that ever in his life. I was proud of myself and my skills.

Never did I know that he was still caging his killer sex spirit. I was going to get the surprise of my life later that night.

We entered his suite and he called room service to bring us our meal. I had ordered almost half of the food on the menu,i was starving already. He had also ordered a plate of wheat meal.

He was engaged in some series of phone calls to his business partners while I chosed to freshen up. The food was ready by the time I entered the room wearing nothing but my bra and thongs.

I could see the greedy look in his eyes as he took in my body.

“You have a nice body.” he had commented and I replied with a thank you and placed a kiss on his lips. I could feel the alcohol in my system. I was slightly tipsy from the champagne I had taken earlier. I wanted him to do things to my body already, but first I needed to eat.

Everything about this man displayed elegance, even the way he eats. I was impressed as I watched him transport his meal with easy strides from the plate to his mouth. He caught me staring and he smiled.

“Please eat your food dear.” he added in perfectly accented English.

We were through with eating within few minutes and he excused himself. He said he needed to take his bath. I got on the soft bed and picked my phone. I had loads of unread instant messages.

My mentions on Twitter were the highest. Hian! What is it with Twitter Nigeria and silly banters? If I had known, I wouldn’t have joined this Linda Ikeji and Wizkid’s fight. Everybody is trying to seek attention in their own ways. I don’t have time for that biko. Everyone knows I hate Wizkid though.

I was so engrossed with my phone that I did not notice when Dr Bassey entered the room. I was lying on my tummy and I guessed the sight of my bum must have turned him on.

The way he grabbed my booty from behind made me shiver with pleasure; before I knew what was happening he had torn my thongs off with the speed of light.

Pinning me to the bed, he trailed his hand through the inside of my thighs like a pro. Dammmmnn!!! The pleasure I felt was too much to describe.

The tickling sensation was tantalizing as he worked his hand in and out of my wet honeypot. Watching me with a masculine smile as my leg vibrated with each thrust, I was moaning as loud as my voice box could allow me.

If the occupant in the next apartment were listening I was sure they would have heard the Shiiiiit, ahhhh, ohhhh, yeah babyyy! I was screaming, urging him to do more.

When he saw that I was close to exploding. He guided me over to the chair and instantly I got down as low as my back could allow, giving him unrestricted access. He plunged into me with force like a plumber trying to dig a borehole.

I could swear that I felt his dick stretched from my honeypot into my throat. But again, I could just be exaggerating.

I was surprised by his length. I was not expecting to see that kind of “weapon of mass destruction” on a man of his age. I climaxed few minutes later and he did too.

I crashed on the bed immediately because all my strength had been drained by Oga Spartacus. I didn’t know when I slept off.

It seems he carried me from where I was because when I woke up, a pillow was propped under my head and a huge duvet covered my naked body.

I got out of bed to take my shower. When I came back, Dr Bassey was already awake.

“Good morning sunshine. I hope you slept well” he said.

“Good morning Doctor” I replied

“Please call me Mike” he added.

Then he told me he would be having a meeting very early that morning and that I was free to go home for a while. He also said his chauffer was waiting down stairs to take me any where I wanted to go.

Few minutes later, I was fully dressed and ready to go. Mike handed me fifty thousand naira in cash. I mouthed a quick thank you and hugged him before I left the room.

His chauffer was waiting as he had told me. The journey to my house didn’t take long. The SUV moved as swift as a bird.

I got down in front of the green gate leading to my compound and walked with gentle strides towards my flat.

I was still slightly tired and I needed to sleep.

I concluded that Shade was around because I could hear voices inside my flat. The door was opened and I let myself in, heading straight to my room.

“Mummmmmmmmy” I heard a tiny voice call out.

I turned around and I saw Arianna my daughter staring at me with her blue eyes.

“What the hell was she doing here?” I thought as I enveloped her tiny body in a bear hug and called out to Shade.


*biko – an Igbo word for please