#HurtBae: After Valentine

It is the day after Valentine. You are still feeling very excited from your experience from the previous day. Le Beau had given you the most amazing Valentine experience ever. You were mind-blown at Le Beau’s gifts, surprises and overall thoughtfulness. Le Beau literally gave you the Valentine of your dreams. 
Today at work, a client who had come to engage the services of your company spotted Le Beau’s picture as your laptop’s wallpaper. The client asks if you know the person whose picture you are using as your wallpaper. You wonder why the client is asking. So, you ask if the client knows Le Beau. The client flashes an engagement ring at you and says the person on your wallpaper is her/his fiancé/fiancée. 


In not more than 700 words, write a developing subplot of what happens after the revelation from your client. Leave your subplot in the comment section below.