RaPoem: Murder in the Vestry by Shomuyiwa Oladapo

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/thumb/msid-48164432,width-400,resizemode-4/48164432.jpg

Photo Credit: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/thumb/msid-48164432,width-400,resizemode-4/48164432.jpg

The upper room of the clergy

Men gathered together in the vestry

Diverse races in the attachment

United for the sake of a dying congregation.


Men with black thought, long ropes intertwined with a white mindset

They are just rainbows of colors that depict evil

If they cry you a river on the outside

You’ll feel much pity

But on the inside they are drops of the red sea.


Bullets exchange is the bureau they work with

From the auditorium to the Pastor’s corners

Winks of sorrow, finger signs while raising holy hands tend towards the shape of nine

Let’s reverse a case, then an illustration.


If Pilate was Jesus to be crucified,

The Jews won’t have yelled at the Messiah King

Torn vestments but you’ll see them walk together to hide their patches

The congregation had Jesus

But Pilate was the forsaken god.


Fed with lies now they sip syrup of hatred

Melody of loose rhythm, when the choir do songs with hook uncatchy

Staunch sinners

Heaven’s at sight but I see a more glorious view of hell

Believe me when I say they’ smooth players.


‘Cuz winking at a rev sister during service?

Y’all know they hold nun (none) like that

From the wink to sex on the sink

Her belly be bulging

For shame she abode with

Had a 9 in the vestry tucked in her garment

At the 9th hour…the sun was darkening…

A bullet went through the windows with a blood stain.


Murder…a trinity just died

Monk, nun and the unborn

They go seek solace in hell

Here is murder in the vestry

A place where nuns shoot monks for cock-sake.


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