boy and girl in loveThere was a time I used to wish that somebody of the opposite sex, anybody of the opposite sex would fall in love with me irrespective of their physical attributes or class. This was way back in secondary school. I never had a girlfriend throughout my six years in secondary school. I never fell in love with anybody in that six years span, not because I didn’t want to but because it just didn’t happen. I didn’t know what it was like to be in love.

I had read of stories of people’s first love and it always occurred way back in either their nursery or primary level of education. I never had a childhood first love. Heck! As a child, what did I know? I hadn’t finished falling in love with my mom’s breast milk, so how could I fall in love with another girl? There’s only so much love one could fall into at a time after all.

The closest emotional encounter I had with a girl in primary school was a fiery one. The girl was a bully and I was her victim.  I fell in hate with her.

The first time I really felt something nice for a girl (which I don’t think was love) was in my final year in secondary school. And it happened in comical circumstances? A guy picked up a fight with me because he noticed the girl he was into, had an eye for me instead.  After the fight, I walked up to the girl and tried to understand what my fight partner was all about. In the process, I think Cupid struck me with his arrow (not the love arrow, but something close) and I started Continue reading